Affordable Hotels in Washington DC | Where our Family Stayed

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Looking for a hotel that is family-friendly and close to everything without spending a fortune? Our trip to Washington, DC was planned only about two weeks in advance since it was a challenge to adjust our schedules, so we know that it would be an expensive trip, therefore, we are looking for deals and affordable Hotels in Washington DC to minimize the expenses.

The Greater Washington Metropolitan Area is home to 772 hotels with 112,999 rooms (including those located within DC proper). The average hotel price in Washington for a couple is $181. We were traveling as a family of six needing two rooms for 4 nights, so our goal was to stay in a comfortable but affordable place. Surprisingly, there are cheap hotels around Washington DC. 

Points for Travel. 

To get some returns on this rather overall expensive trip, I aimed to get as many points as possible. I was just approved for a new Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card with a decent sign up bonus, so I charged mostly everything for this trip on the CIBP card, which gives 3x points on travel, among other benefits. Then I went through Rakuten to search for hotel providers with the highest cash back. In Rakuten, I opted to get cash back in terms of AMEX Membership Rewards points instead of cash/check, for future travels. Continue reading Affordable Hotels in Washington DC | Where our Family Stayed

My Hotel Leisure Days In India | Things that Keep Me From Being Bored

Hotels in India

Namaste! This is the very first picture I had taken in India from the hotel where we stayed at in Mumbai. It is blurry but that was the scene there. It was monsoon in June so we got a lot of rains and on this day we had rain showers. When the tide is up or when it was flooding, the water would wash the garbage toward the tan buildings. I know it was not a very good sight to welcome me. But I was just so glad we arrived there safe and sound. And when it rains, I would have my hotel leisure days In India and I would look for things to do to keep me from being bored: Continue reading My Hotel Leisure Days In India | Things that Keep Me From Being Bored