Our White House Visitor Center Experience

White House Visitor Center

If you’re not an American citizen, the chances of visiting the actual White House are quite slim. Even citizens need to apply through their State Senator for a visit, and the background checks and approval process can take weeks. However, if you can’t secure a tour of the White House, the next best option is the White House Visitor Center (WHVC). Our group faced the same limitation and decided to explore the WHVC instead. Our WHVC experience was unforgettable and I was glad my parents get to visit and see what we did.

White House Visitor Center

Day 2 in Washington DC.

White House Visitor Center

From our hotel, it took only a 15 minute ride to the WHVC. I’m glad that it was only drizzling and not pouring rain so we still enjoyed the tour.

The WHVC is a separate building that is located just a few blocks away from the White House. Unlike the main White House, you don’t need a tour pass to enter the visitor center, as the admission is free. After passing through airport-style security, we immersed ourselves in the exhibits. These displays cover the rich history of the White House, its former occupants, and significant events that unfolded within its walls.

White House Visitor Center

The WHVC houses a comprehensive museum dedicated to The White House, providing a wealth of information. The exhibits showcase various items, including furniture, dishes, decorations, photos, and memorabilia related to former presidents. At the end of the hall, you’ll find interesting videos featuring presidential speeches. The WHVC experience is well worth it, especially if you can’t secure a tour of the actual White House. Additionally, there’s a sizable gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs.

The African American Museum

After going to the White House Visitor Center, we walked towards the Holocaust Museum which was a few blocks away. (Thank God it was just drizzling, even though it was still cold). The African American Museum is on our route, so we stopped by and visited this impressive and unique building. They have a good collection, which would need time to go through them all. I was able to use their phone charging station and left my phone there safely for about 30 minutes.

African-American Museum

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