3 Days in Amsterdam

Netherlands Windmill

Aerial View of Amsterdam

A view of some part of The Netherlands from our descending airplane Equipment 762. We had an almost 10 hour flight and that was a beautiful welcome sight to wake up to. Our visit would be brief, but we have 3 Days in Amsterdam to experience what we could of The Netherlands, the Land of Windmills.

Aerial View of Amsterdam

Knowing we almost made it to our destination, safe so far, was such a relief. Soon we would finally land on Netherlands’ main international airport, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Ah, no matter how smooth or turbulent the flight, the most important thing is that we all make a safe landing in every journey we take, right?

Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

A view outside of Europe’s 3rd largest airport, AMS, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It was very busy and huge, it took us several minutes to reach our meetup spot inside the airport. I took the picture while we were waiting outside the airport for our bus that would take the group to the hotel.

Hotel in Amsterdam

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky during our 3 Days in Amsterdam. The work conference was also held in the hotel. Our stay was paid for by the company but of course, credit card upon check-in was required to secure any incidental charges during our stay. But guess what, someone from another room charged us! But it was resolved.

Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Buildings

We arrived there by the group bus early in the morning, and boy isn’t it cold that time of the year. It was refreshing though. It was wet, and rained a lot in Holland while we were there. But I had fun observing the people’s appropriate fashion though, and delight in watching people riding bicycles.

Bicycle riding in Amsterdam


When I think of The Netherlands, the first 2 things that come to mind are windmills and wooden shoes and so we made sure to visit both on our day tour from Amsterdam. We went on tour north from Amsterdam for about 20 minutes to a beautiful city called Marken. We visit the wooden shoe maker factory and having the short demo on it.

wooden shoe factory in Netherlands

Do people still wear clogs? What do the Dutch use them for? These shoes are for working in the garden because they are water resistant and you can step out of them at the doorway before entering the house. It was cool to see the clogs made from scratch start to finish.

wooden shoe factory in Netherlands

This tour included a visit to the cheese factory, the wooden shoe factory and of course the spectacular windmills.

Netherlands Windmill

Day 3

Since we flew to Amsterdam for a work conference, we spent half the time listening to lectures and reports. One of the topics was how to relieve stress specially for families with partners working internationally.

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