My Hotel Leisure Days In India | Things that Keep Me From Being Bored

Hotels in India

Hotels in India

Namaste! This is the very first picture I had taken in India from the hotel where we stayed at in Mumbai. It is blurry but that was the scene there. It was monsoon in June so we got a lot of rains and on this day we had rain showers. When the tide is up or when it was flooding, the water would wash the garbage toward the tan buildings. I know it was not a very good sight to welcome me. But I was just so glad we arrived there safe and sound. And when it rains, I would have my hotel leisure days In India and I would look for things to do to keep me from being bored:

Hotels in India

Taking Pictures.

On the other side of the garbage, in another corner of our room was the window overlooking the beach. You see the sky was gray, as gray as the waters, but it was an overall good scene and natural view to watch every afternoon for me everyday while in the Inn.

Hotels in India

Befriend Hotel Staff.

This was our pretty nice room in the hotel. The staff give satisfactory service. I came to be friends with one of the housekeeping staffs. She is a Christian, one of the 2.3% of the population.  She is so kind and I learned a lot from her. Cultures – they are beautiful and so unique they are worth learning. And I just love that. I took it as a privilege to be there.

India Hotel

The hotel pool. A shot taken from our hotel room window. It was nice but I didn’t even once use it. To see the blue from the window was enough for me.

Hotels in Mumbai India

Go to the Beach.

On my second day in India I went down from the hotel to the beach that was just next to it. In 2006, there were more than 1 billion people in India, and most of it is packed in Mumbai. In Juhu area where we were at, I would see thousands of people on this beach every afternoon. It was kind of so cool for me, for if there will be no people going there just to stroll around, it would be a lonely beach, since I just observe only one man swimming there. This was early yet so there were not much people lazing around.

Hotels in India

This is on the other side of the view. I was still in the hotel premises; I was just sitting on the concrete gate that was made a seat from the inside since it is high from the outside. To get to this place I would pass through an outdoor dining. I still have to learn to love the Indian food though. During this time the weather was good, it was windy with respect to its being on the beach, and it did not rain. I was glad. It was good to come outside though sometimes I would have to hold my breath.

Juhu Beach

It was all gray. The weather was quiet peaceful despite the graying clouds. I love this shot through the hotel window. It was nice to see the part of sun’s light focusing on the part of the beach and the sea. Isn’t it romantic affairs of the elements?

Juhu Beach Hotels in India

The blurry and grayish shot like the weather of the beach below the hotel through the window. This was just a fraction of the people that would eventually pack the beach’s brown sand enjoying life. I was enjoying watching them when I had nothing else to do. After all, I was having my hotel leisure days in India and I was there on vacation, and as a tourist to learn about them.

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