Watching The Sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook

There I stood on the rim of Franklin Mountain in El Paso, TX, at the Murchison Park, watching the sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook. The park is overlooking the City of El Paso, TX, USA, New Mexico, USA, and Juarez, Mexico. I was solo road tripping and El Paso was on my way home. So I decided to check out the must do and see in this beautiful city.

El Paso Texas Sunset

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Exploring Chicago’s Willis Tower | A Memorable Winter Adventure

We heard a lot of buzz surrounding Chicago, but there are still some nice things in the Windy City. Just like anywhere else, so I was exploring Chicago’s Willis Tower in a cold January day.

I flew to Chicago, Illinois, with a specific mission: to renew my expiring Philippine passport at the Consulate. Outside the hotel window  the ground was blanketed in snow. I hopped on the blue line train first thing in the morning.

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European Skywatch Friday | At 35,000 feet

European Skies

My European Skywatch Friday skywatch photographs taken aboard Boeing 767 on our trans-Atlantic flight en-route to the Netherlands last year. It was great seeing the ocean of clouds and the dawning skies on the horizon, a very wonderful, humbling and blessed sight to behold.

European Skies

It is especially cool since we had a challenging time applying for Schengen Visa. Miami office of the Netherlands Consulate said my papers were okay. We had had several email exchanges with the New Orleans sub-office because of the health insurance thing. The work company is international with employees from all over the world. I am also covered when I travel outside of the USA. We had the company benefits department involved already in making the New Orleans office understand. Miami said its OK. So now we are ready to receive my passport back which we Fedex’ed earlier this week, with Netherlands visa already. We were taking care of it, making sure everything would be dealt and settled with so we can have my visa to the mid-October trip.

European Skies

In retrospect, I totally understand the strict document requirements. After completing the paperwork, it felt great to be able to fly, and get my timely European Skywatch Friday.

My Hotel Leisure Days In India | Things that Keep Me From Being Bored

Hotels in India

Namaste! This is the very first picture I had taken in India from the hotel where we stayed at in Mumbai. It is blurry but that was the scene there. It was monsoon in June so we got a lot of rains and on this day we had rain showers. When the tide is up or when it was flooding, the water would wash the garbage toward the tan buildings. I know it was not a very good sight to welcome me. But I was just so glad we arrived there safe and sound. And when it rains, I would have my hotel leisure days In India and I would look for things to do to keep me from being bored: Continue reading My Hotel Leisure Days In India | Things that Keep Me From Being Bored

Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise | New Orleans

There sure were a lot of things to do in New Orléans, and this day we went on a Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise along the Mississippi River during our vacation aboard the steamboat Natchez, which departs from the center of the historic French Quarter.

Natchez Steamboat

The Steamboat NATCHEZ stands as a remarkable piece of history, proudly holding the title of the last authentic steamboat navigating the mighty Mississippi River. SS. Natchez is a sternwheel steamboat that was mostly made of steel, in case you wonder. The Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise takes 2-hours. Let’s delve into its key highlights:

Natchez Steamboat

Historical Charm:

Stepping aboard the NATCHEZ is akin to a time-travel experience. It embodies the elegance and grandeur of the classic steamboat era.

Live Jazz:

The air resonates with soulful melodies as a live jazz band sets the mood during the tour. The combination of music and scenic beauty creates an unforgettable journey.

Optional Food and Beverage:

All tours provide the option to enhance the experience with delectable food and refreshing beverages. Buffet food, snacks and beverages were available.

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