Stargazing in the Dark Sky of BBNP

Travels happened. Unscripted. It has been several years since the last post, that it’s a bit surprising that it has been this long. Coincidentally, the last post was about the same place I’m writing about now that it’s kind of fascinating. Hope that life has been good to you. Things happen in life, but we’ve also been to some great places doing things in between gratefully, one of which is stargazing in the Dark Sky of BBNP.

International Dark Sky Park

Big Bend National Park is an International Dark Sky Park and has the darkest skies of any National Park in the lower 48 states. It’s one of just 10 in the world. Because it’s home to some of the clearest night skies in the world, stargazers can see thousands of stars on a clear night here compared to perhaps a few hundred in a medium-sized city.

I visited Big Bend National Park for the third time and it’s only around this time that I started to get interested in astrophotography. It took some effort to research and learn how to manually manipulate my camera to properly take photos of the stars for the first time.

We arrived in Big Bend when it was about dark. We loved our camping spot, it was a little elevated so we got great views! Being in Big Bend at night is incredible! The stars – bright, and distant all seem like within your reach. The entire sky from horizon to horizon feels like a great blanket of hand that covers and makes you feel so small. Absorbing the enormity of the stars, our own galaxy in space, makes you feel the earth as it moves about in the grandest scheme, and that we are part of the universe that we see. No matter how small we are, while stargazing in the Dark Sky of BBNP.

The core of the galaxy seen in Big Bend dark sky.
The core of the galaxy seen in Big Bend dark sky.

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