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Houston Skywatch

Today was cooler than yesterday, and this is how the skies were looking in the morning and in the evening – a beautiful yellow sky. It is fascinating and eerie at the same time.

Houston Skywatch

Driving in and out of Houston everyday for work is quiet a challenge, traffic wise. In Houston, almost every place you go is an hour drive away. I congratulate myself for having survived it. Thankfully, working from home is now the norm for me, so no more driving in the mega city. But traffic aside, we also get to sky watch while driving, and see these amazing colors in the sky that change ever so constantly.

yellow sky

What does it mean when the sky is yellow?

So it seems like a thunderstorm is brewing around on a relatively warm day. Dust and sand particles suspended in the atmosphere can create a yellowish or yellow sky, especially during dust storms or intense sandstorms. These particles, often carried over long distances, scatter light and contribute to the golden tint.

Most thunderstorms occur in the late afternoon. They can also form during the early evening as the storm requires heat from the day to form. Notably, many of them spring up during the summer and spring months. In some cases, a storm brewing can turn the sky green. I still have to see a green sky.

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  1. Beautiful images. I have lived in Houston twice and loved it. The first time on Westheimer in an apartment an the second time in a house north of Conroe. Great city.

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