The Grand Canyon at Sunset

Standing against the railing along the edge of the cliff, I watched as far as my eyes can see of the panorama around. Immense, wide, expansive. Because it stretches 277 miles. Who could see it all at once? For the one admission fee, you can explore it for seven days, and even enjoy the Grand Canyon at Sunset.

The Grand Canyon National Park.

That was only one part of a combination of thousands of frames, each had their own exhilarating beauty that you could see and feel simultaneously.

Grand Canyon at Sunset
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Watching The Sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook

There I stood on the rim of Franklin Mountain in El Paso, TX, at the Murchison Park, watching the sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook. The park is overlooking the City of El Paso, TX, USA, New Mexico, USA, and Juarez, Mexico. I was solo road tripping and El Paso was on my way home. So I decided to check out the must do and see in this beautiful city.

El Paso Texas Sunset

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