Trip to Mexico from BBNP

Boquillas del Carmen, known simply as Boquillas [boo-key-us], is a village in northern Mexico, west of the northern part of the Sierra del Carmen mountain range, and at the south-west end of the Rio Grande’s Boquillas Canyon on the southeastern part of Big Bend National Park. Join along our trip to Mexico from BBNP to this tiny village to see how does this village thrive and how is it like in there, as we enjoyed our visit, delighted in the boat rides across the Rio, truck/burro rides to the village, and met friendly people, heard good music, and especially tasted great food!

Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico
Population: ~200.

Day 1.

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Sabinal River in Texas

Sabinal River in Texas is included in the Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI). This means that it is one of the free-flowing, relatively undisturbed river segments in the US. Because of its outstanding recreation, environmental, wildlife, and aquatic life values, it is a significant river system in the region.

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