The Grand Canyon at Sunset

Grand Canyon at Sunset

Standing against the railing along the edge of the cliff, I watched as far as my eyes can see of the panorama around. Immense, wide, expansive. Because it stretches 277 miles. Who could see it all at once? For the one admission fee, you can explore it for seven days, and even enjoy the Grand Canyon at Sunset.

The Grand Canyon National Park.

That was only one part of a combination of thousands of frames, each had their own exhilarating beauty that you could see and feel simultaneously.

Grand Canyon at Sunset

I felt the wind blowing on my face, as I was glancing at the white December snow on that rock.

But it was the warmth of the setting sun and the tug of the coldness of the shades that immobilized me; I felt so small in comparison with everything around and seemed to fade on the background as I watched an entirely different show:

The leaping shadows cast the golden spotlight on the westward rocks. The snaking Colorado river dancing in the canyon depths begged for it. And the curious Japanese tourist/photographer busily giving it attention.

Grand Canyon at Sunset

(Now who piled those flat rocks over each other straight up like a temple tower on that precipice?)

Even the tree stood in it’s own bare glory.

Grand Canyon at Sunset

Watching the Grand Canyon at sunset was a totally different and meaningful experience. You get to watch the sun prepare to set calling on to the skies to cover the earth with a cloak of many colors to an already diverse and brilliant landscape. I took a deep breath and smiled..

For so great are His works!

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