Exploring Chicago’s Willis Tower | A Memorable Winter Adventure

Chicago from Skydeck

We heard a lot of buzz surrounding Chicago, but there are still some nice things in the Windy City. Just like anywhere else, so I was exploring Chicago’s Willis Tower in a cold January day.

I flew to Chicago, Illinois, with a specific mission: to renew my expiring Philippine passport at the Consulate. Outside the hotel window  the ground was blanketed in snow. I hopped on the blue line train first thing in the morning.

Chicago Train

Philippine Consulate

Consulate General of the Philippines
122 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1600 Chicago, Illinois 60603
Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

The passport renewal process was swift because I had meticulously prepared all the necessary documents. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to fly back or wander the city just for a single piece of paper.

Philippine consulate chicago

From the Philippine Consulate on North Michigan Avenue, I walked toward the iconic Willis (Sears) Tower on S Wacker Dr.. The cold nipped at my skin, but I was determined.


The walk took a good 30-plus minutes, during which I paused to take in the sights. I had to stop by the coffee shops that have free wi-fi access so I can google map my way on the iPod Touch to the tallest building in the western hemisphere. I know, I had directions printed out, but one brick size is more handy and convenient. My freezing fingers were very comfortably wrapped with my gloves. So I opted to rely on one gadget to navigate the bustling city safely.

Windy City

And oh, Chicago lives up to its nickname—the Windy City. The sudden gusts seem to emerge out of nowhere, leaving you wondering where they originate.

Willis Tower

The Willis Tower

There I was exploring Chicago’s Willis Tower. Despite the bitter cold, I reveled in exploring the city. As a tourist, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to behold the tallest building in the western hemisphere. The Willis Tower soars to an impressive 1,450 feet. Its engineering marvel captivated me. It has a Skydeck where tourists can get into and see the view of the city through the glass. I ascended to the Skydeck and the view was nothing short of superb.

Chicago from Skydeck

This is a view taken from the ledge of the Skydeck of Willis (Sears) Tower in the windy city of Chicago. Standing on the ledge, gazing out over the city, my feet still tingle with the memory.

Chicago from Skydeck

It was an unforgettable experience—a daring venture through Chicago’s wintry embrace. It was an amazing and definitely unforgettable experience for me, to roam around the city in the dead of winter and make it to the top of one of the tallest buildings here.

the bean in chicago

Millennium Park

The view at the Millennium Park offers a captivating scene: the delicate trellis stretching over the Great Lawn, and the meticulously designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion standing against the backdrop of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower. The Pavilion has been the venue since 2004 of the great Grant Park Music Festival, a cherished Chicago tradition that has endured since the Great Depression. Speaking of entertainment to lift depressing spirits!

chicago millineum park

In the practical part of life, our simple act of kindness, empathy and understanding might be just what other people need to make their day. Indeed, I relished this unforgettable experience.

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