Elephant Carrying Heavy Load

Elephant in India

A street shot of Elephant Carrying Heavy Load during my travels in India. This was in Agra, where animals and other beasts of burden roll down the streets along with people and vehicles.

Elephant Carrying Heavy Load

Whichever culture we come from or grow up in, we see where animals are used to carry heavy loads. Donkeys, for example, have been used as a beast of burden since 4000 BC. But I think that as long as these animals are treated with respect, they will be okay. And as long as the heavy load is proportional to the animals weight, they will be happy to serve. Do you know that elephants are social and extremely intelligent animals? They can also weigh up to 5.5. tons, so the load above is on the light side.

Elephant in India

India has the highest elephant population in the world, at approximately 30,000 in 2023. This is more than 60 percent of the world’s wild Asiatic jumbo population. So seeing an Elephant Carrying Heavy Load is pretty common.


August 12 is the World Elephant Day. The day is devoted to increasing public awareness about elephant conservation on a global scale. But fret not, wild elephant population in India is increasing too.

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  1. Excellent choice for the subject.

    If you haven’t stopped by yet, I hope you can visit with me as I celebrated my birthday today!! My heavy is part of the celebration.

  2. You know, let’s be serious here for a minute, people who carry packages on their heads like that, don’t they ever get headaches? I can undestand WHY they do it, but it always amazes me that they CAN. I’d be wobbling and looking like a cartoon character, lol.

  3. there are so many ways that burderns are darried in India. I was amazed at how much a man could carry on his bicycle, for example. And the transportation for a family of four might be a motorbike. My son visited El Salvador adn showed us his pictures of an ox cart. I told him, I saw those in India, but their horns werepainted blue.

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