Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend NP

We drove on the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive from Chisos Basin Campground for about an hour to go to Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend NP. The drive was really scenic and beautiful. The trailhead was closed when we got there, so we just had to make the most of our visit, take some pictures and enjoy the drive back with amazing views.

Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend NP
The Rio Grande through Santa Elena Canyon

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Trip to Mexico from BBNP

Boquillas del Carmen, known simply as Boquillas [boo-key-us], is a village in northern Mexico, west of the northern part of the Sierra del Carmen mountain range, and at the south-west end of the Rio Grande’s Boquillas Canyon on the southeastern part of Big Bend National Park. Join along our trip to Mexico from BBNP to this tiny village to see how does this village thrive and how is it like in there, as we enjoyed our visit, delighted in the boat rides across the Rio, truck/burro rides to the village, and met friendly people, heard good music, and especially tasted great food!

Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico
Population: ~200.

Day 1.

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Hike to Big Bend Hot Springs

We walked down a few steps to the hot spring. The other couple were preparing to soak in it, with the lady in her bathing suit. We really didn’t plan on therapeutic bathing after the hike to Big Bend Hot Springs or getting on the river or cross to Mexico side, but we just dipped our hands in it to feel the hot clear still water. It is recorded at 105 degrees all year round, and indeed, it felt warm and good. 😊.


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Texas Wildflowers | Buttercups

The season of Texas Wildflowers | Buttercups.

Buttercup wildflower

Texas highways and roadsides have now been adorned with different kinds of blooming gorgeous wildflowers. It is because of TxDOT’s Wildflower Program, sowing more than 5,000 species of wildflowers, from bluebonnets to Indian paintbrush, on the roadsides. It not only helps Texas highways look good but also reduces the cost of maintenance and labor by encouraging the growth of native species that need less mowing and care. Double win.

Off the highways, wildflowers grow on their own. In our area, the prevalent ones are the Buttercups, or the Pink Evening Primroses (Oenothera speciosa), which bloom from February to July. However, we didn’t see this wildflower grows in our backyard until after a couple years since moving to the new house development. Continue reading Texas Wildflowers | Buttercups

Things To Do in Seabourne Creek Park

We usually go to far places to see and enjoy on our vacations and other trips. But sometimes, the beauty and peace we are looking for are just within a few miles from home.

Things To Do in Seabourne Creek Park

It was a beautiful and warm day the other day, so it was perfect to go out and enjoy some outdoor time at the closest nature park I can get to.Seabourne Creek Park

Seabourne Creek Park in Rosenberg, Texas

The one hundred sixty-four (164) acre Nature Park is located in 3831 Highway 36 South, Rosenberg, Texas.

It is ideal for family day picnics, bird watching, butterfly watching, fishing, jogging, running or walking, and for enjoying nature and some fresh air.

The Gazebo

Seabourne Creek Park

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